Monday, June 14, 2010

The Only Band That Matters

Joe Strummer and The Clash are now a part of folklore, the stuff of legend. There is no one I can think of today that is cut from a similar cloth, it is the days of yore that breed types of musicians such as them. When The Clash was at the top of their game, they were the front lines of the rock and roll war. From an early age, rock and roll meant everything to me, and it was the vehicle that brought me closest to fighting a war against everything that stood in my way. It had such a profound meaning that it pushed me into it as a way of life I still live by. The Clash, and Joe Strummer was what initially informed me, and this influence is still spread throughout everything I do. My friend Mike was over this weekend, and we talked into the wee hours of the morning about many things, Joe and The Clash being one of them. I think we both realized something: they are still The Only Band That Matters.

I wanted to post a video of The Clash performing Clampdown, but Sony Music owns the rights and it is not available in my country apparently. Fuck Sony, and fuck their rights. Sony can go STRAIGHT TO HELL.



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